Fast and Female is an organization that motivates and inspires young girls to stay in sport, leading to strong character development.  Girls drop out of sports at much higher rates than boys and we are trying to change this.  Champ chats are like a one-day camp where young girls participate in non-sport specific activities lead by elite level volunteer ambassadors from across many sports.  There is a also an inspiring Question and Answer session where the high level athletes share their stories to motivate the girls, followed by a yoga session.

In order to hold a Champ Chat we are seeking supporters/sponsors to help cover the cost of a Fast and Female event at Hardwood Hills on June 16, 2018. Since funding for the event is limited we are trying to reach our goal of $5,000. The costs going towards schwag for the girls and volunteer ambassadors (t-shirt, buff, hoodie), posters, website registration organization, organizer payment, and overhead.  The cost for each girl to register is $30 like all previous years, but if we surpass the $5,000 minimum, we can offer a lower registration price.

For more information or to become a supporter / sponsor please download the Champ Chat information package below.

Champ Chat Document: 2018 Champ Chat – Sponsorship Information